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Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Acoustibuds
Source: Acoustibuds
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June 29, 2009

Product Examination:

Inside the box is a simple instruction manual so that the user can see the best way to use the Acoustibuds. In addition to the instruction manual, there are two little bags which contain two sizes of Acoustibuds.

Review Image

In the picture below, one of the size 5 Acoustibuds is shown. The size indicates two things about the Acoustibuds; the size of the oval opening and the number of fins on each of the Acoustibuds.

Review Image

Acoustibuds are available in black or white, and the sample provided for review is obviously white.

Installation and Testing

Installing the Acoustibuds is very easy. They will stretch a little so that they can slide on to the earbuds of your choice. Be careful not to cover any bass holes on your earbuds.

Review Image

I was able to install the Acoustibuds on many different earbuds. The only installation issue was with an Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset. This was only difficult because I needed to find the right attachment that came with the Jawbone. After that was found and installed, the Acoustibuds went right on to the Jawbone.

The initial sound quality of an earbud will mostly determine how the sound is when using the Acoustibuds. The key word there is "mostly". Using a very cheap and poor sounding set of earbuds, the Acoustibuds made even those earbuds sound more respectable. As soon as the Acoustibuds were removed, the earbuds went back to being another cheap pair. I believe this is because the sound is focused into your ear so that you hear it all, with no background noise lowering the quality of the sound.

The biggest thing about the Acoustibuds is that you can use them when doing everyday activity without concern that they will fall out of your ears.

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