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Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: Acoustibuds
Source: Acoustibuds
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June 29, 2009

Burton Technologies has been developing technology solutions for various industries for 15 years. Several of these solutions include automotive parts, electrical extension cord plugs, and numerous other OEM components. While many of their patents are in use by numerous manufacturers, most people have never heard of them. At the CES Unveiled show in November 2008, that changed when they announced the release of Acoustibuds and won the 2009 CES Innovations award.

Acoustibuds are adapters that can change normal earbuds to fit in the ear canal, while also adding passive noise canceling. They fit a wide range of earbuds, allowing the owner to continue using their favorite pair with more functionality and less dropping out. We will try them out on several pairs of earbuds to see whether they can improve the sound and if they help keep things in place during everyday activity.

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Published Information:

Acoustically engineered for noise isolation and to enrich bass, middle and upper range frequencies
Closely spaced fins are completely flexible to better conform to your ear and stay in during activity
Super soft yet highly tear resistant material is designed to outlast the life of many earphones
Fits many popular Bluetooth headsets and most MP3 Earphones. See compatibility list below
Designed to fit most teens and adults when used as directed. Not sized or intended for children

Acoustibuds are designed for the standard types of earphones that are provided with the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Microsoft Zune, Sony and many other MP3 players. Acoustibuds also fit many aftermarket earphones and some of the most popular Bluetooth headsets such as the Jawbone2, BlueAnt Z9 and Apple. However, these are not designed to fit earphones that already come with elastic in-ear fittings.

A large list of compatible earphones is available at the Acoustibuds website.


The Acoustibuds are packaged in a simple cardboard box. The front of the box gives the user an idea of what they are, and what the Acoustibuds can do. The back of the box doesn't provide much more information, however it does show the user two different types of earbuds that the Acoustibuds will fit.

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