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Ring Stick Up Cam and Solar Panel
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Ring
Source: Ring
Purchase: Newegg
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December 16, 2016

Setup (continued):

When you open the app you are greeted with the screen seen in the below left image. Here you will find the latest activities in your Ring network with the most recent at the top. You can further sort them by Rings, Motion, and Live Views. Selecting any of these clips will open the viewer and you can watch the video (as seen in the below right image). Besides the typical video controls, you can also choose to download the video to your device's storage, share it via email etc, or delete it. I you opt out of Ring’s cloud service at $3/mo or $30/yr you will still get push notifications of the motion but you have to open a live view of the camera in hopes of catching something.

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Tapping the Menu button in the top left will allow you to set up new devices, tweak existing devices and change account settings and plan. Selecting a device here or tapping the device on the previous screen will bring you to the device’s dashboard. The top right has a settings which will allow you to change the device name and location. Back at this dashboard you have a slider to enable motion alerts, select live view and see current battery level. Below this there are several options for additional detail or settings.

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The most important group of controls is Motion Settings; here you will be able to select what areas will trigger a motion alert, schedule times to silence these alerts and set the threshold for what triggers an alert. You can also link the device to other Ring devices and Ring + partner devices.

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Here you can also decide to share your Ring device with someone. Since I only have this one Ring device I was not able to confirm if this shares this specific device or all Ring devices in your account. The last set of options is for the live viewing. If you enable this the battery will drain significantly faster than the 6-12 months quoted. Picking battery mode will allow for live viewing but it will take longer for the connection to be established, next fastest would be on solar power and the fastest would be USB power. At this point your Stick Up Cam is completely configured though I suspect you will be continually tweaking these settings for a while to dial things in.

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