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Puro Sound Labs Pure Gamer Volume Limiting Headset
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Puro Sound Labs
Source: Puro Sound Labs
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November 22, 2019


I think we all know loud noises can lead to hearing loss and these days people - kids especially - are more connected than ever. Sure as kids we sometimes used Walkman's and the like, but walk down a street in NYC and you will find almost all of the millennials have their earbuds in. So even if you know it is an issue, the constant exposure just continues to degrade your hearing over time. As I mentioned previously, I think a lot of this is habit. So the sooner you get something like this in your kids' hands the better. They may just learn to listen to things at a more reasonable volume for their entire life.

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The Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer has a normal price of $80, but they are currently available for $50 on their site and at At that price I think these are a steal. You can get a high quality headset that can be used for all of their activities, all while preserving their hearing for years to come. It also helps that these are adjustable from kid to adult and are built really well. My son is typically rough on anything with a cord and these have held up well, so that adds to their overall value. At full price, I think they still represent a good value, but if you don't need a set for gaming, you might be able to find more economical volume limiting headsets.

All things considered, the Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer Volume Limiting Headset earn the "Great Idea", Good Value", and "Recommended" awards.

Great Idea Good Value Recommended


Volume limiting
Multiplatform support
Solidly built = silent adjustments
Very comfortable
Mic was clear
Storage bag =less tangled wires
Intuitive controls
Warranty: 30 day Money back, 1 year for defects


Can be a tight fit for wide heads

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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