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Ooma Smart Home Security System
Author: Bill Lepse
Manufacturer: Ooma
Source: Ooma
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December 03, 2018


As is typical with just about every product, you'll need to get the app. So after downloading the Ooma Home Security app from your respective store you are ready to set this system up. Then you simply follow the instructions to set up and activate your Ooma Telo Hub.

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As noted earlier, before you can plug the hub in you need to go activate it first. After providing the activation code and creating your Ooma account it will instruct you to connect it to your network.

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Next you will confirm your home address for 911 responders and it gives you the chance to set up geofencing. Both of these features are only available with the subscription service to Secure plan which costs $5.99/mo. but without a contract required. So you can enable and disable this month to month depending on your needs.

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At this point you should see the main screen in the app which they call the Dashboard. Immediately I noticed that even though I set the app to use geofencing the statuses didn't match. As you can see the app says I am home but the only device connected says away even though I was 5 feet from the hub. I decided to press on with pairing devices figuring this was just an anomaly. So by selecting the plus sign on the Dashboard you start the pairing process. As you can see from the screen caps below they do a great job of walking you through each step. In this case I added a door/window sensor. You can then configure the notifications you'll receive for this sensor for each mode. While not selected below you can add multiple notifications for each mode should you need that.

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All of the devices are added in this fashion except for one; the Butterfleye camera. When you select to add this to your account you will be asked if you have a Butterfleye account or need to install the Butterfleye app. In my case I already had an account created for the prior review of the Ooma Butterfleye cam. So after verifying account info the accounts were linked.

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Now you are ready to mount these sensors in their final locations. With all the included parts you should have no difficulty find a suitable location, though I do recommend non-permanent mounts for at least the motion sensor to start. In general I find these sensors prone to false alarms, either from pets or the sun coming through a window; either way it is likely you may need to tweak this location a bit.

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