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Xclio Wind Tunnel Extreme Cooling PC Case
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Xclio
Source: Xclio
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Xclio Wind Tunnel Extreme Cooling PC Case
August 31, 2007

External Examination:

The Xclio Wind Tunnel is actually black, not silver as shown on the cardboard box. In the below left image you get a glimpse of the dual 25cm fans on the side panel, and the controls for each fan that are accessible from the front. On the front panel, the top section is covered by a door that conceals and protects the external 5.25" and 3.5" devices. Something to point out on the front panel is that it is actually a black rubber material, instead of the typical plastic or metal that you would normally see on the front of a case. The shiny vertical stripe will be discussed later in the review, but for now let me tell you that it isn't just for looks.

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These next images show the side panel and dual monster fans a bit closer. The below left image shows a closer view of the controls for each 25cm fan. On top is an on/off button, then we have a speed dial, and then a blue LED (there are two sets of these controls, one for each fan).

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The portion of the side panel that houses the two 25cm fans protrudes from the side of the case to compensate for the depth of the fans, so there won't be any issues with clearance between your components and the fans. There are also some ventilation holes on the top part of the side panel to let heat escape from the case. This is a nice feature since the hot air rises and will naturally vent out of the case.

The back of the Xclio Wind Tunnel looks identical to the A380 I reviewed. Since this case is a full tower, there is plenty of room between the power supply mounting hole and the motherboard I/O panel. There is also a spot for mounting an optional fan, with the largest option being 120mm. This case is completely tool-less (except for the motherboard installation) and even both side panels have thumbscrews. The other side of the case has the same ventilation holes at the top, but also has a vertical set near the front of the case for air to escape from the hard drive area. Up against the the right side of the front panel is the location for the front audio and USB/Firewire ports. I prefer that these features be located higher on a case, especially one this large, since it is kept on the floor.

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The bottom of the case isn't too exciting, you can see the removable feet that can swivel out to act as an outrigger and prohibit the tower from tipping over.

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