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Tuniq Miniplant 950W Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Tuniq
Source: Tuniq
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Tuniq Miniplant 950W Power Supply
February 28, 2008

Testing (continued):

The chart below details the findings from the first phase of testing. While a multimeter provides just a split second of information, it was used to monitor each line a few different times during testing, and for several minutes each time. While the values read did change from idle to load to load+, all rails on both units remained about 100% static during each test, with no fluctuations while in use.

While all of the values are within the generally accepted limits of +/- 5% of specification, I feel the rails on the Tuniq unit could use some adjusting right out of the box. Eventually I will take the time to figure out what each potentiometer controls, especially in order to crank that 5V rail up to be closer 5.0V while under a reasonable load!

The next phase of testing involved using a Seasonic Power Angel monitoring device to compare various aspects of the AC power going into the power supplies being tested. The split chart below compares the Power Factor (PF), Amperage (A), Wattage (W), and apparent Wattage (VA) on the test system described on the previous page. We see the two power supplies under the same three test conditions, this time looking to see how things differed on the AC side of things.

Nothing too exciting here as the system performs about the same regardless of power supply, drawing just slightly more current when using the Tuniq Miniplant. In the past I have calculated the money that could be saved by switching to a more efficient power supply, but in the case it may be cents more per year to choose the Tuniq unit over the PC Power and Cooling unit.

As a final phase of testing, I checked the charts generated by OCCT during load testing. I wanted to see what it indicated as the ripple for the 12V, 5V, 3.3V, and Vcore values being monitored through Lavalys Everest Ultimate Edition. As I saw with the multimeter, the ripple was just about nothing on the Tuniq Miniplant. The 12V and 5V rails both had ripples of 0.05V, while the 3.3V and Vcore each had ripples of 0.02V. Below the threshold of my multimeter's display, and well below anything that I would be concerned about.

After the testing was all said and done, I have no concerns other than adjusting the potentiometers to get the values on all rails closer to specification. The rails are all solid and zero power issues were experienced.

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