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Thermaltake LANBOX VF1000BWS mATX Case
Author: Modulok
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Source: Thermaltake
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Thermaltake LANBOX VF1000BWS mATX Case
April 24, 2007

The Basics (continued):

This is the first case I have ever had my hands on that actually had a removable motherboard tray. In the left image we see the removed motherboard tray, which already has micro ATX standoffs installed. There are also two 60mm fans installed above the I/O panel which will draw heat from the CPU area out of the case. The next image is the view with the motherboard tray removed. You can see the two internal 3.5" drive brackets at the bottom, and above that are the two external 5.25" bays with the single external 3.5" bay.

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To remove the external device bay cage, unscrew the two thumbscrews located on the top and slide the tray back and lift up. With the tray removed from the case you can see the three external drive bays. The 3.5" bay cover is secured with a few screws and the other bays are open for easy drive installation. The top bay can fit the optional 7" LCD monitor or a 5.25" device with an included bracket.

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At the bottom of the case are the front LED wires, front audio/USB/Firewire cables, 90mm intake fan, and the two internal 3.5" device bay cage. Remove one screw and the cage slides out for installation.

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The cage shown below houses an ATX power supply. There are many screw holes (8 screws for securing the cage to the chassis) and the screw holes for the power supply are reversible in case you have a power supply with a 120mm, which vents through the top of the Thermaltake LANBOX.

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The below left image shows the Thermaltake LANBOX chassis with all cages and trays removed. The below right image shows the front cover removed from the chassis. Both 5.25" device bay covers are removable if desired (for use with the 7" LCD monitor), and a removable filter is included for the intake fan. Although the filter is a nice touch, in order to clean it you must remove most of the modular cages (and your hardware) to get to it.

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