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Sound ID SM100 EarModule Bluetooth Headset
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Sound ID
Source: Sound ID
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Sound ID SM100 EarModule Bluetooth Headset
November 02, 2007


The accessories included with the Sound ID SM100 EarModule Bluetooth Headset are shown below...

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There is an "over the ear" clip-on hook, different sized ear pieces, an AC adapter for charging, an adapter for charging via USB, and a quick start guide / user manual. The three different sized ear pieces are useful considering that not everyone has the same sized ear. While the USB charger may be easier to misplace, I like it personally since it allows a mobile person to leave the larger charger at home.


After an initial charge of a few hours (the manual recommends 5 hours minimum), I enabled Bluetooth on my mobile phone and the two device connected effortlessly.

Before making a call, I experimented with the "Environmental Mode" a bit first. There are three different settings (normal, moderate, and strong) for listening enhancement while the device is not being used with a phone or other device. What this does is amplify environmental sounds so that you can hear out of the ear that has the Sound ID SM100 EarModule in it. If you don't have one of these settings enabled you will have a hard time hearing from that ear/direction. Using one of these modes while driving with music playing at a moderate level allowed me to hear (somewhat) from that ear. High pitch sounds in the music were amplified to an annoying level on both the moderate and strong settings, and with the window opened I could hear the wind rushing through. Normal conversations are what these modes are meant for, but just hope that a shouting match doesn't break out!

I pressed the ID button while receiving a call on my mobile phone and the call was transferred into my ear. With the window still open I could hear the caller just fine, although the caller complained that they could hear the wind. The microphone is obviously not part of the "Advanced Wind Protection", but that would be a good place to look for future headset development. While speaking on the phone there are three more modes available; mild, moderate, and strong. This allows people to select an appropriate level to match their hearing.

According to the manual, the Sound ID SM100 EarModule can be used for talking up to 8 hours, in "Environmental Mode" for up to 22 hours, and in standby for up to 70 hours, all while requiring a charge time of about 3 hours. Not bad battery life at all! I left the unit on for a few days and it eventually did die. In general I charge my phone about once a week, and I have had no issues keeping both devices on the same charging schedule as long as I remember to turn them both off when not in use.

As an owner of a Playstation 3, I decided to test the Sound ID SM100 with its Bluetooth capabilities. Unfortunately I did not have any success, as the system just continued to search for a Bluetooth headset to connect to, even after several minutes of the SM100 being available in close proximity. It would have been an added bonus to see it work with the PS3, but not a big issue.

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