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Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD4670 Graphics Card
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Sapphire
Source: Sapphire
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Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD4670 Graphics Card
February 20, 2009

Testing (continued):

GPU Temperature:

The GPU temperatures were monitored by running CPUID's HWMonitor within Windows Vista Home Premium. The idle condition was established by recording the temperature after letting the system sit at the Window's desktop for at least 30 minutes with only HWMonitor running. The load condition was established by running 3DMark Vantage two times back-to-back, followed by two back-to-back sessions of the DirectX 9 version of the Devil May Cry benchmark. HWMonitor logs current, minimum, and maximum temperature, so once all testing was completed, the maximum temperature was recorded. All testing was completed on an open testbed with relatively still air in a room with an ambient temperature of 20C.


The Ultimate HD4670 may get the warmest, but it does not get too hot... and it generates zero noise in the process.

HTPC Testing:

Subsequent testing was conducted in a closed system with decent case cooling; my HTPC. This system has an oversized CPU cooler that blows down onto the motherboard, which no doubt washes over the fins on the HD4670, as well. Two low speed 80mm exhaust fans also help keep the air moving. With this setup the GPU idled at 43C, while hitting a high of 66C with normal usage monitored over several days. This system is used to watch DVD movies, Netflix online videos, and some HD content that has been stored to the hard drive. It might get hotter if it was stressed by some 3D gaming, but for its intended purpose it stays at a safe temperature.

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In additional to staying quiet and not getting too hot, I also liked this card in the HTPC for the convenience. Just plug an HDMI cable in and go! HD content looked just great, and the audio was passed through perfectly.

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