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Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Rosewill
Source: Rosewill
Purchase: Newegg
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Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply
November 29, 2007


The Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply may not be the answer for owners of high end systems, but it should do nicely for those with mid-range systems looking for the basics packaged with a flashy design. The unit features a mirror finished housing with two 80mm blue LED fans that will definitely get noticed. In addition, the cables are well wrapped with black mesh sleeving finished with shrink wrap tubing to keep things neat and looking sharp.

While there are enough cables to power a basic system with a couple of SATA drives and one or two current PCIe graphics cards, you can quickly find yourself looking for splitters with anything more. With some power supplies, 600 Watts would be enough to power some higher end systems, but the number of connections and test results tell me that this isn't the intended purpose of this unit. A compact LAN gaming rig might be the ideal setting for the Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion; where a pair of drives and a single graphics card might be the only items to worry about inside a small form factor case (with a window to show off the PSU, of course).

During the review, the Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion performed well under conditions where I could picture it being used effectively. Load it up too much though, and it starts to show that you might be better off paying more for a higher end unit.

A search of PriceGrabber for Rosewill power supplies looks like it turns up a bunch of results, but all are actually "not available". In all honesty, you can just skip this step and go straight to their two affiliated retailers, Chief Value and Newegg. The Newegg price is $69.99 before shipping and tax, making it well priced for a unit with these basic specifications. If the high polished chrome finish isn't to your liking, the Newegg site shows that it this unit is also available in black.

Taking a look at the price to performance ratio of the Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply, it earns the award of "Good Value".


Decent choice for mid-range systems
High quality cables and connectors
High efficiency and active power factor correction


Not many connectors
Not for high end systems

Special thanks to Rosewill for providing the Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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