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Dacos Technologies Rapsody 2.5" Multimedia Player
Author: Modulok
Manufacturer: Dacos Technologies
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Dacos Technologies Rapsody 2.5
January 16, 2007

Testing (continued):


With DVD support you can rip a movie to your Rapsody RSH-250 and have all menus be fully functional. You also have the ability to open the IFO file which will load the DVD like you would in a standard DVD player. You can navigate with the menu, skip chapters, and play straight from the VOB file if you wish. You can also view subtitles and change the audio language (if the DVD has the option) using the subtitle and audio buttons on the remote control.

Other types of video files supported are AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT and ISO. Only certain CODECs work with AVI/MPG files; DivX and Xvid are your best, and I found that GMC and Qpel will not work. I found that if a file is not compatible with the Rapsody, you could run into some issues. Most of the time I would get an error saying the media type was not supported, but sometimes it would hang like it was trying to load the file. I would have to power off the device to regain control. With any video file you can look at the information, bookmark, zoom, scroll, control the volume, go to a specific time in the movie, and re-sync if the audio and video are not synced properly.

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The image below shows a DVD rip of the movie Super Troopers, and the quality of the video output looks just as good as the original DVD movie.

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The below left image shows what pressing the info button displays when a DVD movie is playing, and the below right image shows a shot of the DVD in question. The information displayed includes the file name, file size, length of the video, and audio and video CODEC information.

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