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Dacos Technologies Rapsody 2.5" Multimedia Player
Author: Modulok
Manufacturer: Dacos Technologies
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Dacos Technologies Rapsody 2.5
January 16, 2007


Prior to installing a hard drive into the Rapsody RSH-250 we need to remove the top and bottom covers. They were not yet screwed down so they popped off easily. In the below left image we see the opened enclosure with the top cover off. In the middle you can see the white footprint where the hard drive will be installed. The below right image shows the inside of the bottom side of the enclosure. We see the corresponding screw holes from the other view that will be needed for securing the hard drive into the Rapsody RSH-250.

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All that is needed for the installation is a 2.5" IDE hard drive, and the included screws and screw driver. I used a Western Digital Scorpio 120GB 5400RPM hard drive because I intend on ripping DVDs from my collection to the Rapsody RSH-250, and want to have plenty of room. To install the drive, just align the hard drive pins with the IDE slot on the enclosure, tilt the hard drive 15 degrees, and push it into place. Then use the screws included to secure the hard drive down to the board.

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Multimedia Setup:

Now that the hard drive is installed, I connected the unit to my computer via the included USB cable. In Ubuntu Linux, I formatted the new hard drive with FAT32 so I could use the entire 120GB (if you format FAT32 in Windows you will not be able to make the partition over 30GB). There is an option to use NTFS, however you may not use the OTG feature. After I formatted and mounted the new hard drive I copied some music, pictures, and DVDs to the hard drive. Once everything was copied onto the Rapsody RSH-250 I brought it to my television.

To connect the device, all that is needed is the power adapter and AV cable. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet and plug the AV cable into the composite video inputs on a TV, VCR, DVD, or amplifier. Plug the blue end of the AV cable into the Pb/Cb connection of the enclosure and the black end into the audio out connection. Power on the Rapsody RSH-250 by pressing the power button on the enclosure or the remote. To see a clear picture you may have to toggle through the different "TV Out" options with the remote.

While the device "boots up" you will see a splash screen as shown in the below left image. The first thing I did was press the setup button on the remote to setup the Rapsody RSH-250 so it would fit my home theater setup. There isn't too much to do, all I needed was to change the video output to NTSC and TV type to 16:9. The rest is more or less personal preference with using the unit.

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Also note that the firmware revision level is indicated in the upper right corner of the screen. This can be updated by downloading the latest firmware from the Dacos Technologies website to the device and running the .bin file while connected to a TV.

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