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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Acousti Products
Source: Quiet PC USA
Purchase: Quiet PC USA
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Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case
September 19, 2007

Keeping the components inside a computer quiet has become a significant focus of end users and manufacturers alike. People want the performance of today's high end components, but they don't want to hear the noise that can be associated with keeping things cool. Most manufacturers are now taking steps to minimize noise while maximizing performance, and the growing popularity of highly engineered heat pipe coolers on things like processors, motherboards, and video cards reveals some of the attention being paid to quiet computing.

Quiet PC is an online store that focuses on nothing but items to keep your computer running cool and quiet, and their motto sums up their philosophy in three simple words: "Hear yourself think".

Quiet PC is an international organization focused on selling high quality computer hardware to users who demand performance without the noise that often accompanies it. While they have locations in seven countries, it is Quiet PC USA that has sponsored this review, and several others in the four plus years we have been working with them.

Before taking a look at the specifics of the actual case provided for review, let's look at some published data on the Acousti Products AcoustiCase 340 Quiet Computer Case as taken from the Quiet PC USA website.


» Pre-cut acoustic materials for effective soundproofing
» Anti-vibration case feet and HDD cage mounts
» Additional EMI shielding included (installed - not shown in photos)
» Side door intrusion switch
» Washable air filter (also helps to minimize noise)
» Accommodates 2x120mm fans, one front one rear (not supplied)


» Weight: 23 lbs.
» Outer case dimensions: 210 mm wide, 460 mm high, 430 mm deep
» Supported motherboards: Full-size ATX, AT and MicroATX
» 3½" drive bays: 2 accessible plus 5 internal
» 5¼" drive bays: 4 accessible
» Expansion Card Slots: 7
» Accessibility: 'No-tools’ easy-open side door with door-open switch and locking facility (with keys)
» USB/Audio ports: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x 1394 Firewire, headphone and microphone ports on front panel
» Front Firewire port: Yes
» Air Filter: Washable air filter (also helps to minimize noise) - easy to remove
» Cable: Also includes power cord and, not forgetting a Quiet PC badge!
» Case Feet: 4 x AcoustiFeet Anti-vibration Soft Silicone Case Feet - Black (self-adhesive)
» Fan Mounts: 8 x AcoustiFan Ultra Soft Anti-vibration Fan Mounts


The packaging for the AcoustiCase 340 is fairly typical; a case protected by foam blocks and a cloth-like bag inside a cardboard box. The cardboard box features a generic image of a computer case, as well as some other data that suggests that Quiet PC has selected a case from another company and has customized it to fit their needs. Basically like a custom case mod, but with silence in mind, not extreme visual impact.

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