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ECS PN2-SLI2+ (V1.0) nForce 680i SLI Motherboard
Author: Jim Solski
Manufacturer: ECS
Source: ECS
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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ECS PN2-SLI2+ (V1.0) nForce 680i SLI Motherboard
March 21, 2007

Packaging and Accessories (continued):

The ECS PN2-SLI2+ supports SLI so of course an SLI bridge would be included with this motherboard. ECS did surprise me by including a Category 5e network cable with this motherboard, I guess given everything else they have included, I shouldn't be so surprised.

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Those of you who use Firewire devices will be pleased to see an external Firewire port is also included with this motherboard. As with most other manufacturers, ECS includes a few external USB ports with the Firewire port. This kit has an adapter that allows you to relocate the Firewire and USB ports from the rear of your case to the front panel of your case using a 3.5" external drive bay.

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Finally, we have the cooling fan which takes just a minute to install if you have a small screwdriver. Instructions on the outside of the box explain you should "install fan if overclocking or using liquid/passive cooling solution". The fan fastens to the NVIDIA nForce Northbridge chipset heatsink. In my opinion, ECS should install this fan on every ECS PN2-SLI2+ they sell. After all, even ECS's boxed instructions note the fan should be installed for "general" use."

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The documentation and media enclosed with this motherboard are not very impressive. The Software Application CD included just two programs; Adobe Reader and WinCinema. The other disc is a driver CD which includes: NVIDIA nForce drivers v9.53, NVIDIA nTune, NVIDIA System Update Utility v1.00.06.00, and Realtek Audio Driver v1.47. The only paper documentation included with this motherboard is your typical motherboard manual and a handy quick-setup pamphlet.

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