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Nesteq EECS 700 Watt Ultra Quiet Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Nesteq
Source: Quiet PC USA
Purchase: Quiet PC USA
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Nesteq EECS 700 Watt Ultra Quiet Power Supply
April 22, 2008

Internal Inspection:

Removing four screws provides easy access to the inside of the power supply, as shown in the images below. As soon as I cracked it open I realized that the extra weight must have come from all of the modular cables, as the internal components looked rather generic. In the below left image we see the 135mm cooling fan on one half, and the guts of the unit on the other half.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

The items are packed in tightly, and while nothing looks cheap, nothing looks as robust as some other units I have used. Searching for voltage rail adjustments lead to a single potentiometer, located on the PCB where the fan connects, just above the top heatsink as shown in the image above. It could be for fan speed control, but I doubt it is for voltage rail adjustment.

With the unit opened I decided to trace the 12V rails to see how they were distributed. While it was a bit tricky to figure it all out with such a large bundle of wires, the circuits seem to be laid out something like this: One 12V rail handles the 20+4 pin motherboard cable, the cooling fan, and one PCI Express connection. Another 12V rail handles the 4 pin and 8 pin motherboard connections and a PCI Express connection. The two other 12V rails handle two green drive connections and a PCI Express connection each. While I'm not 100% certain on this, I am sure that each PCI Express connection is on its own rail, the four drive connections are split over two rails, and the 20+4 pin motherboard connection is separated from the 8 pin and 4 pin connections.

Earlier in the review I expressed concern about maxing out the 16A rating of each 12V rail. While I am still unsure if it will be a problem, it does seem like the rails were distributed as well as possible to minimize issues.


A system with the following base components was used to test the Nesteq EECS 700 Watt ultra quiet power supply:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 Dual Core processor
OCZ Technology Vendetta CPU cooler
ASUS P5K Pro P35 ATX motherboard
Sapphire Radeon HD3870 X2 1GB graphics card
ASUS EAH3870 TOP Radeon HD3870 graphics card
2GB (2x 1024MB) Kingston HyperX PC-9200 DDR2 dual channel memory
Two Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA 3Gbps hard drives
Four Maxtor MaxLine III 250GB SATA 3Gbps hard drives
Rosewill four channel PCI SATA adaptor
Lite-On PATA DVDRW drive

This setup was used to test the Nesteq power supply against two other units, the 750W PC Power and Cooling Silencer and the 950W Tuniq Miniplant.

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