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Moneual Labs M775 Mid Tower Professional Series Case
Author: Tim Pizzino
Manufacturer: Moneaul Labs
Source: Sharka Computers
Purchase: Sharka Computers
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Moneual Labs M775 Mid Tower Professional Series Case
February 11, 2008


A system with the following components was installed in the Moneual Labs M775 Mid Tower Professional Series Case for this review:

» Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz Quad Core Processor
» ASUS P5K Premium/Wifi-AP Intel Motherboard
» 2GB OCZ Gold DDR2-800 Dual Channel Memory
» Maxtor 300GB Serial ATA/300 Hard Drive
» OCZ GameXStream OCZ700GXS SLI ATI 700W Power Supply
» 256MB ATI Radeon 850XT PCI Express Graphics Card
» LITE-ON 20X DVD±R DVD Burner

Although the M775 does not include any removable drive bays, the installation went smoothly without too much trouble. The two pictures below show the system fully installed with the motherboard, processor, stock CPU cooler and memory being assembled without a hitch. Previously a Zalman 9700LED cooler with a minimum required height of 150mm was attached and had no problem clearing the top of the case. I do not see foresee any restrictions this case might impose when choosing even the largest of CPU coolers.

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The below left image shows the hard drive cages, once again notice the lack of any easy installation mechanism. Everything fits snugly in here with no problems whatsoever with fit or orientation. Though everything went smoothly with the HDD drives, the DVD drives required a little more finesse to be used. To install the DVD drive there was some pulling needed on the side as the fit was a bit too snug, After getting the drive into place I could see some bowing in the steel due to the tight fit. Lining up the drive to utilize the external drive bay buttons was not difficult and went without a hitch. Below you can see the series of holes to help with the positioning of the drive with each hole marking a different distance away from the front panel.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

After getting the system installed I am moderately satisfied with the case, the lack of a tool-less drive system was the only thing that I found to be an issue. Over the last few years I have become accustomed to the ease of tool-less drive systems and not seeing one here was surprising. Aside from this fact, the installation went smoothly and there is nothing I noticed it to be lacking.


With everything set into its proper place, the case was quite nice to use. With space enough for three 120mm fans in addition to an 80mm fan, it can get loud, but that is of my own choice. As you would imagine with this many fans running there is more than enough ventilation for the system to run within safe operating temperatures. Even with the stock CPU cooler, on average I am seeing 45 degree Celsius processor temperatures, which is well below the recommended maximum.

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One more down note is the large LED located below the power button on the front of the case, this is very brightly lit and can cast off an amazing amount of light. If you keep your computer in your bedroom as I do, leaving this machine on at night is probably not an option seeing as the light will shine blue light onto everything in the room.

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