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Mapower MAP-TB32 Dual SATA RAID Enclosure
Author: acruxksa
Manufacturer: Mapower
Source: Mapower
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Mapower MAP-TB32 Dual SATA RAID Enclosure
September 05, 2008


The Mapower MAP-TB32 dual SATA RAID enclosure is a very well constructed enclosure with a clean and appealing appearance. This enclosure's primary method of connection should be via eSATA to take full advantage of its capabilities, as its below average USB 2.0 performance is disappointing. USB 2.0 gives you portability options should you need it, but I wouldn't recommend this enclosure for USB 2.0 only systems unless you need the data redundancy the TB32CS's RAID-1 configuration offers. As an eSATA enclosure the TB32CS is a great value.

Minor issues and poor documentation aside, performance on the SATA bus is good and gets even better when configured to operate as a RAID-0 volume. Mapower's TB32CS gives the user a lot of different data storage options and nearly everyone should be able to find a configuration that suits their needs.

This enclosure is available from and other retailers for between $70 and $80. This seems to be a fair, competitive price for such a device, which adds to the product's overall appeal.

Given the good looks, solid construction, and range of configuration options, the Mapower MAP-TB32 dual SATA RAID enclosure earns the "Recommended" award.



Solid construction
Nice range of configuration choices
Good ESATA performance
Looks great


Limited hard drive compatibility
Minimal or vague documentation
Below average USB 2.0 performance

Special thanks to Mapower for providing the Mapower MAP-TB32 Dual SATA RAID Enclosure to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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