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Lubix UBHS-NC1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Lubix
Source: Lubix
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Lubix UBHS-NC1 Stereo Bluetooth Headset
July 14, 2008

The Basics:

The headset is shown below, ready to be worn around your neck when not in use. The two halves are held together by a magnet, and when you are ready to put them on it takes minimal effort to pop them apart. A thin white cord that is just over two feet long ties the two ear pieces together, and an adjustable band lets you shorten the effective length for a more comfortable fit.

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While the bulk of the surfaces are white, a silver band accents three edges of the headset, and silver text is used to identify the product and some of its features. White rubber pads on each ear bud surround a metallic mesh that covers the small speakers. This color combination has a distinctly "Apple" appeal, which might not be a bad thing considering their relatively new found success in the mobile phone market.

The below left image shows the backside of the headset, which is relatively plain except for the Lubix and Bluetooth logos, and a small LED seen on the right side of the far edge. This LED blinks blue or purple every few seconds in order to indicate power and connectivity. A side view of the left ear piece is shown in the below right image where a rubber flap can be seen. Prying this open and pivoting it out of the way provides access to the mini USB port used for charging the batteries. The batteries are sealed inside the unit, and other than describing them as an "expendable part" with a warranty of 6 months, no information is provided regarding them or their replacement.

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Next we see the headset split and ready for use. On the left ear piece there is a silver power switch, as well as two control dials/buttons. Each control can be pushed like a button, as well as jogged up or down. Using the below right image for reference, the control on the left answers the phone or changes the 3D sound effect when pushed (depending on the mode of operation), and adjusts the volume when jogged. The control on the right will hang up the phone or play/pause the music when pushed, and jogging this control will fast forward or rewind the music.

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The image below shows the balance of the items included in the box. There is a USB cable for charging the headset via your computer, a USB to 120V AC adaptor for charging it from a wall outlet, a user manual, and two more sets of ear buds to let you pick the style/size that is most comfortable.

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The extra ear buds are nice to have, but the charging options are really impressive to me. It is quite convenient for me to charge via USB, but the availability of an AC adaptor will ensure that I am never in a situation where I can't keep the headset fully charged. The AC adaptor folds up to conceal the plug when not in use, and it can be used as shown, or with the plug at ninety degrees from the body of the charger. The specifications rate the output for 5V and 600mA, so it might even be possible to power some of your other USB devices with this little gadget.

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