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Logitech G15 Revision 2 Gaming Keyboard
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Logitech
Source: Logitech
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Logitech G15 Revision 2 Gaming Keyboard
June 24, 2008

In Use:

While I have not gotten into any of the more advanced LCD options, my use of the Logitech G15 keyboard has been all positive. The software installed with ease, the keys are laid out nicely, and the keys have a nice feel to them. They are responsive and require just the amount of pressure to actuate that I have come to expect. While only an audible issue for me, the sound is slightly hollow, which I generally associate with cheaper keyboards. Nothing else about it seems cheap, but something about the sound is slightly different to me.

The first set of images show the LCD panel in a well lit environment. Even though the lights are brighter than your typical desktop setting, the text and graphics on screen are easy to see. The below left image shows a screen that features both an analog and digital clock, an e-mail status indicator, as well as the date. The below right image shows a screen that provides both a countdown timer and a stop watch. This is an example of where the buttons along the bottom edge of the display come in to use. The functions for each button are shown on screen, in this case Play and Pause for either clock function.

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We saw how the keyboard looked in bright light, and now we see it in almost no light. No matter what the condition, you shouldn't have a problem seeing the keys or the LCD. Overall I am very pleased with the appearance of the G15's back lighting. It is extremely effective, and I find it to be more comfortable on my eyes than the blue lighting I have experienced on so many other keyboards.

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The images of the GamePanel LCD provided really only scratch the surface of what you can do with this thing. In addition to the handful of functions built in, you can use it to keep an eye on in-game activity of many popular titles, monitor online communications, and even keep a running tally of network traffic. The possibilities are far reaching, and with some basic programing know-how you can take them even further.

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