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Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC Case
Author: acruxksa
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li PC-C36 Muse HTPC Case
February 09, 2009

Internal Inspection:

The top cover is held in place by two thumb screws and can be quickly removed or re-installed. With the cover removed, we can see the accessories and additional hardware that Lian Li includes with the case.

The interior of the case is relatively spacious and consists of a power supply, a removable drive tray for one optical drive and one hard drive, a second removable drive tray for one additional hard disk drive and a removable link bar for added case strength.

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The following two images are of the main drive tray and one of the two 70mm case fans. Lian Li designed the case so that the power supply could be slid out the rear of the case and as you can see from the bottom left image, with the power supply removed access to the drive tray is excellent. The below right image is a close up of the drive tray and shows the single thumb screw used to secure the tray in place. Also the right foreground of this picture shows one of the motherboard standoffs. These standoffs are solid and appear to be about twice as high as a typical motherboard stand off.

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Here we see a view of the case with all its components removed. You can easily see the location Lian Li chose to place the two installed 70mm fans and the cables for the front ports, switches and LED's. Removal of the four major components was quite simple and makes this case very easy to work with.

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