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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
November 14, 2008

Installation (continued):

The Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis has a removable motherboard tray. With the tray removed from the chassis I screwed in the standoffs with the included screwdriver, which is a very nice accessory. I aligned the holes on my eVGA 790i motherboard over the standoffs and secured it to the tray with the included screws. Installing the tray with the motherboard attached was a little tricky; I had to make sure the I/O panel was lined up properly, while helping the tray slide all the way in. With a full tower case and ATX motherboard, there is plenty of room to install a motherboard without removing the tray. You can see the two stages of the motherboard installation in the images below.

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I chose to install a single power supply in the bottom location of the case. I have still not seen or reviewed a case that has enough space behind the motherboard tray and side panel to accommodate thick power cables. In the image below the interior of the Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis has all of the components installed that are listed at the beginning of the installation portion of the review.

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As you can see, I did not install the vertical support bar back into the case. I did try to get it back in, but it got in the way of my CPU cooler while installed on the left set of holes. And in the other two set of holes it would not support my 8800GTS correctly. With two thumbscrews holding the 8800GTS in place it has plenty of support.

Putting the front panel back onto the chassis is easy, and the device bay covers are also easy to install or remove. The below left image shows the front panel replaced on the chassis with some 5.25" devices installed. One thing that is missing from the case is a 3.5" device bay cover. The Vantec EZ-Swap device is adapted to a 5.25" bay that was included with the unit. In the top of the image you can see the fan controller powered on and running. It shows three temperatures, three fan speeds, the time, hard drive activity, and power. As shown earlier there is a covered I/O panel on the top of the case in the front. The below right image displays the actual inputs for the panel. Included are four USB ports, audio and microphone inputs, a firewire port, and an eSATA port.

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