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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
November 14, 2008

The Interior (continued):

The image below displays some of the removable items of the case. We see the front panel, the vertical support bar, the removed motherboard tray, a grate, and the power supply bracket.

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I was very surprised at the amount of accessories included with the Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis. In the image below we have two aluminum parts (an extra power supply bracket and a mounting bracket for SSI CED/EEB motherboards), a small plastic box, and a bag of parts.

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The image below shows all of the parts that were contained in the bag. There are plenty of thumbscrews, regular screws, and standoffs each in their own smaller bag. In the upper right of the image you see a small battery and yellow tape strips; these are used for the fan controller and to stick the temperature probes onto components. On the bottom you have a ton of rubber rings, some nuts, long thumbscrews, buzzer wire, a screwdriver for standoffs, cable ties, a cable clamp, and small and large card holders for the vertical support bar.

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The last accessory to show is the fan controller, which has been removed from the chassis in the image below. It is 3.5" in size with a 5.25" plate to cover the extra space. There are lots of wires; three temperature probes, three fan connectors, and a wire to power a hard drive activity LED. To power the unit there is a 4-pin connector. I am not sure what the small battery is for, the manual does not include an explanation besides installation instructions, and I assume it is merely for backup.

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