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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li PC-A77B Full Tower Chassis
November 14, 2008


Like any other full tower case I have reviewed, I have grown accustomed to it arriving in a huge case. I am sure the delivery guy secretly hates when he has to deliver one of these big cases. The below left image is the Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis' package in all its glory. There is a gigantic image of the case with some smaller supporting images showing off some of the key features. It's hard to see, but the slogan under the model states 'The way you want it to be!'. The meaning behind that slogan is that this case is very customizable. You choose where to put hard drive cages, where to mount the power supply, whether to have redundant power supplies, and where to install your front bay devices. The below right image shows the other side of the box; nothing much here but two images showing off the interior of the case with some specifications underneath.

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The Basics:

The below left image shows a head on shot of the Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis. From here it looks like the fan controller is actually built into the case, but that is not the 'case' as you will see shortly. There are twelve 5.25" bays, thirteen if you count the one used for the fan controller. You can see the covered I/O panel with the Lian Li logo and the power and reset buttons in the below right image. I do like the reset button, it is small enough to prevent accidental resets, but not small enough where I need to get a pointy object to reset the system.

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I decided not to take individual pictures of the side panels simply because they were just plain; no features or ventilation holes to discuss.

The rear of the case is shown in the below left image. You can see an exhaust fan through a grate at the top, then there is the standard I/O panel on the left side, and some water cooling tubing holes with a 120mm fan underneath. The lower half of the case consists of 7 expansion slots with some ventilation slots next to them, and the default location of the power supply is at the bottom. If you look closely you will count sixteen thumbscrews on the back of the case. On the bottom of the Lian Li PC-A77B full tower chassis there are four high quality feet (below right image). They have a little cushioning in the middle to prevent scratching on smooth floors. If you do not want to use them, they can be screwed off.

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