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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Lian Li
Source: Lian Li
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Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply
December 05, 2008


While I have been familiar with and impressed by cases from Lian Li for years, I did not know exactly what to expect from one of their power supplies. I assumed that the same high standards and attention to detail would be applied, and the 750W Maxima Force Series power supply confirmed that. It is a well made unit designed to serve in a variety of system configurations.

While not an essential design feature, the ability to turn off the fan's blue LEDs is a nice touch. It allows it to be installed in a gaming system where the blue lighting may be welcome, but it also lets it run without the lights on which might be prefered in an HTPC or a desktop setup.

During testing the Maxima Force Series power supply was able to perform at the same level as other units with similar features and specifications. I would not say it was the best or the worst, but the results were all bunched together closely and very respectable. The 5V rail was the item that caught my eye because even though it was well within specification at all times, it was always under 5V and dropped further as the system load increased.

Searching the Internet finds the Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series power supply at a variety of retailers, including where the price is about $170 (US) before shipping and tax. The unit is well made and high quality, but that is definitely an elevated price. The recently reviewed Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W power supply has an identical price tag and similar performance, but adds the convenience of modular cables. And as was mentioned in the conclusion of that review, many other high quality power supplies are available for much less money.

The bottom line is that this is a respectable power supply worth considering if you can find a good deal. It didn't really do anything better than less expensive units, and one thing to keep in mind is that the published data on the number of PCI Express connections is wrong. The unit is advertised as having four 6+2-pin PCI Express power connections, but there are really only two. Issues like this, as well as the elevated price, keep me from getting too excited about this power supply and keep it from earning any performance based awards. But, the ability to turn off the LEDs in the fan earns it the award of "Great Idea".

Great Idea


High quality internal components
Solid performance with good voltage rail regulation
Runs cool and quiet
High efficiency
Mesh sleeved cables with nice connectors
Blue LEDs in the fan can be turned off


Includes two 6+2-Pin PCI Express connections, despite being advertised with four
Cable sleeving ends outside housing, and cut out for wires is just bare metal
+5V rail tested on the low side
Four 12V rails, each rated for only 18A
LED power switch looks like a cheap after thought

Special thanks to Lian Li for providing the Lian Li 750W Maxima Force Series Power Supply to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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