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Kingwin JET eSATA/USB External Drive Enclosure
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: Kingwin
Source: Kingwin
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Kingwin JET eSATA/USB External Drive Enclosure
March 26, 2007

Internal Examination:

The backplate can be removed using the two thumbscrews shown previously, and this allows the hard drive tray to slide out of the front of the enclosure. The below left image is of the hard drive tray after it has been removed from the enclosure. The first thing I noticed was the large 80mm, low profile fan which should keep the installed hard drive nice and cool, while the rest of the chassis can act as a large heat sink. The holes on the backplate allow the enclosure to breathe a little, while this fan will pull the heat away from the bottom of your drive. We can also see the SATA connections (data and power), and that the bulk of the hard drive tray is constructed of aluminum, which will help to transfer the heat away from the hard drive.

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On the other side of the hard drive tray is a fan shroud which has two vents, one near the front of the tray, and one near the back. This should allow air to pass through the fan and exit the other side.

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On the back side of the tray we have a view of the ports with the backplate removed. The main PCB is held off the tray by two large standoffs, with the ports hanging from the PCB.

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Before we get to the installation and testing of the unit, let's take a look at the included accessories. Starting at the top left of the image below, we have the plastic stand that includes two pieces of foam that will help keep vibration noise down and protect the finish on the enclosure. Next to the stand we have an eSATA cable (approximately 40"), and a longer USB cable. In the second row, we have the installation manual, 12V power adapter, screws to install the hard drive, and a CD which includes the back-up software. The only other thing I would have liked to have seen is an eSATA expansion port, so that if your computer does not have an eSATA connection, you can add one without any extra expense.

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