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Thermalright IFX-14 CPU and Back-side Heatpipe Cooler
Author: acruxksa
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Source: Thermalright
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Thermalright IFX-14 CPU and Back-side Heatpipe Cooler
July 09, 2008

The Basics (continued):

The next set of images show the CPU cooler's base, which was smooth and appeared to be flat. This is important because the better the fit between the CPU and heatsink, the more efficient the heat transfer process.

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It is rare to find a perfectly flat heatsink base and CPU heat spreader (IHS). Generally they are close, but not perfect, and this is where a quality thermal paste comes into play. Thermal paste is used to fill in the imperfections between the heatsink base and the CPU. Although the IFX-14's base appears smooth and flat, I have no doubt that dedicated enthusiasts would be able to achieve a small but measurable gain in cooling performance by lapping it further.

The next image shows off the backside heatpipe cooler portion of the system. This item appears much like Thermalright's IFX-10 product, but what we have here is actually more substantial (it weighs 20 grams more). It matches the appearance of the CPU cooler nicely, and while it can be used as a passive cooler, you can also attach a70mm or 80mm fan to it.

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