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ifrogz Silicone iPod Case
Author: Hellfire
Manufacturer: ifrogz
Source: ifrogz
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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ifrogz Silicone iPod Case
February 26, 2007


The first step of the installation for this review was to make clean the surface of the iPod using the supplied cloth. After that, the screenz is installed first. The "Soft Card" is used while applying the clear cover in order to push any air bubbles off to the side. This was done with ease, but I was unable to get all the air out from around the click wheel. At first I was concerned about this, but once I applied the click wheel cover the air bubbles were not visible, and I now actually believe this some bubbles may be necessary to allow fluid movement. With both pieces of the screenz in place, the click wheel is still easy to use, but it does require slightly more pressure.

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After the screenz is applied, the iPod is slid into the wrapz through the main opening. On other silicon cases I have used the iPod stuck to the case when trying to insert it, but the ifrogz case allows the iPod to slide easily into place and I did not have to tug or pull it in any direction for it to fit properly.

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Once the wrapz is on and in place, you can put the bandz around the player. Once again, this is easily accomplished. Align the bandz with the groove on the wrapz, and stretch it around the player. The most time consuming part was aligning the headphone hole with the jack. While not difficult to do, it did take a few extra seconds to align it properly.

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Once the wrapz and bandz are in place, you can attach the screw which will allow iPod to be placed onto the holster. The holster has a little button on the top of it which allows it to be securely attached to the screw on the case. The holster allows the iPod to rotate freely, but it will not come out of the holster unless you want it to.

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Once it was all put together I decided to see how well it can protect the iPod. Although I did nothing that I feel would cause serious damage to the iPod, I would not recommend performing these tests yourself as I will not be responsible if your iPod does get damaged. I placed it on the edge of a 4.5 foot high counter and knocked the iPod off... It was undamaged! Next I went a little further and placed it on the roof of my wife's Chevy HHR and knocked it onto the driveway pavement... Again the iPod was undamaged and still functioned normally!

To test the fit of the headphone port I used several different types of headphones. The first type was the standard iPod type ear buds (along with a pair of Sony and Shure ear buds). These all fit perfectly and the ifrogz bandz held the connector in place very well. The second type I used was a full headset by Sennheiser with a right angle connector that did not fit very well. In order to use these headphones I needed to remove the bandz. This doesn't seem like a big issue to me as most people will not use full size headphones with an iPod, but it is possible that some other headphones, home stereo connections, or car adapters may have plugs that don't work well with the bandz.

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