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Thermalright HR-07 Memory Module Cooler
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Source: Thermalright
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Thermalright HR-07 Memory Module Cooler
January 29, 2007

Installation (continued):

Once the assembly portion of the installation is completed, it is time to install the memory and HR-07 in a couple of test systems.

The images below show one memory module with a HR-07 installed on a mATX motherboard. There was good clearance with other motherboard features, but one thing that might be of concern is that the heatpipe extends beyond the edge of the board and may bump into the power supply once installed in a case. The HR-07 can be reversed easily, but then you might have the heatpipe sticking out into the video card's air space.

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One problem on a motherboard such as this (with two slots, but not dual channel slots) is that you can not use two HR-07s, as confirmed by the image below.

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Below we see a pair of memory modules with HR-07s installed in a dual channel configuration. Even though the memory is still installed in the HR-07s as shown in the previous images, the layout of the board is different, and now the heatpipes are facing the video card. And as predicted there is an interference issue that forces me to use slots 2 and 4, while slots 1 and 3 are unusable. There are also some capacitors and other motherboard features that come extremely close to the base of the heatspreader and may actually be touching!

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Next we have a 80mm fan attached to the two HR-07s using the included mounting hardware. Two brackets attach to the top of each HR-07 using a short bolt, while the fan attaches to the other end of the bracket using a longer bolt. Fairly simple, and easily adjustable to accommodate the three fan sizes Thermalright lists.

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