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Thermalright HR-05 IFX SLI Chipset Cooler
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Thermalright
Source: Thermalright
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Thermalright HR-05 IFX SLI Chipset Cooler
August 17, 2007


The installation of the Thermalright HR-05 IFX SLI chipset cooler was completed on an "old school" AMD socket 939 motherboard, the DFI LANParty SLI-DR. This board has an nForce4 chipset and the stock cooler is rather noisy (it spins at over 7000RPM).

As you can see in the image below, the top PCI Express video card actually rests on this motherboard's chipset cooler. For the SLI setup I used two eVGA GeForce 7800 GT CO SLI 256MB GDDR3 video cards. With the system setup in a SLI configuration the chipset fan isn't too effective, and it gets pretty hot even when the PC is just at an idle state.

Click Image For Larger View

The hardware needed for the nForce4 installation includes a spring loaded clip along with screws and rubber washers. Also, this is the point in time to stick the square cushion pad to the bottom of the base, as shown in the below right image.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

With the stock cooler removed and the top of the chipset cleaned with some alcohol, I added some of the included Thermalright paste. Note: When I first opened the syringe, I squirted the paste onto a paper towel (opposed to directly onto the chipset). Reason being is that I have seen paste get watery or shoot out like a rocket when it's not used for a while. Boy was I glad I did that! Enough paste squeezed out for me to cover the whole chipset twice over. After the premature squirt, I applied a little dab of paste on the center of chipset.

Click Image For Larger View

To secure the Thermalright HR-05 SLI/IFX to the nForce4 chipset I put the two screws with washers through the two holes from the stock cooler, held down the HR-05 SLI/IFX over the chipset, then put the spring loaded clip on and screwed the M3 nuts down all the way.

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