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Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case
Author: Barracas
Manufacturer: Hiper
Source: Hiper
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Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case
June 04, 2008


The Osiris turned out to be one beautiful case. Hiper has really made an excellent product, with great attention to detail. It appears refined and polished, and in no way comes off as gaudy. No matter what side you look to you will find it blends perfectly with the rest.

The finish is durable, the lines are clean, and the rivets and screws are all mounted flush with the surfaces. The entire case, inside and out, is anodized black with the exception of the motherboard tray, which appears to be Zinc plated. I could go on and on, as I found every aspect of the manufacturing of this case to be beautiful. All three 120mm fans worked well, while leaving room for water-cooling should you desire. There was fan noise present, but not to an extent to where it became obnoxious. With the treated thick alloy surfaces you will not have to worry about chipping paint or denting panels.

There are a few downsides I should mention to be fair. One would be with air restriction, should you load the case with four hard drives, since they all mount snug in the cage. Another would be the difficult task of hiding your wires. While I love the cable management system, the wires are still easily visible. Some may not like their control panel located on the top of the case, but for me it worked just fine. These are all small issues which can be worked around.

If you are looking for a clean, easy to work with, extremely well made mid-tower case, you should consider the Osiris. I believe after reviewing this chassis I may have to set a new mark for which to compare other cases to. I also can’t wait to see a full-tower case made by Hiper, as that would definitely suit my needs due to my massive hard drive collection. Hiper is a new player in the case market and one that you should definitely pay attention to.

A search at PriceGrabber did not find anything available for this case, although I was able to find it at for $169.99. The price is high for a mid-tower case, but you do indeed get what you pay for.

I would feel guilty if I awarded the Hiper Osiris ATX tower case anything other than the "Highly Recommended" award as there was hardly any flaw to be found.

Highly Recommended


» Exceptional build quality
» All aluminum throughout the case
» Huge supply of thumb screws
» Long cables
» Easy access to all components
» Durable finish
» No plastic
» Unique and simple cable management
» Room for large video cards


» No dust filter for front fan
» Possible air flow issues with four hard drives
» Hiding extra cables may be a difficult task

Special thanks to Hiper for providing the Hiper Osiris ATX Tower Case to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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