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A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor
Author: dadx2mj
Manufacturer: Generic
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A190A2-T08 19
May 15, 2007


Our test system consists of a DFI NF ULTRAII-M2 AM2 nForce4 Ultra motherboard with an AMD 4600+ X2 processor, Radeon X1950 Pro PCI Express graphics card, and 2GB of Corsair DDR2 RAM.

From the very first time I fired up the A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor I have been nothing but impressed with the picture quality. My photographic skills and equipment do not do it justice. As mentioned previously, there are two big reasons I have avoided the switch from a CRT to an LCD; the potential for dead/lit pixels and being locked into a native resolution that is uncomfortable on my eyes. I sat in somewhat of a period of disbelief staring at this "generic" LCD monitor the first time I fired it up because I could not find any of the dreaded dead or lit pixels. Yes that is right, not one.

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Nowhere in any of the literature is "native resolution" even mentioned. The only thing stated was a maximum resolution of 1440x900. This resolution may seem low to some but is fairly standard among widescreen monitors, and is more than enough for my needs. This monitor seemed equally as happy at 640x480 as it does at 1440x900, as well as every resolution in between. This not only held true for 2D desktop applications, but also for 3D gaming action as well. Running games such as Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 4, Call of Duty, and many others at any chosen resolution was no problem on the A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor. In fact it made both old and newer games look better than they had previously on the 19" Viewsonic CRT that had been running on this system. The A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor handled all games loaded on the system at any desired resolution up the maximum 1440x900 with no tearing or distortions at all, and the 8ms response time was no doubt a factor there,a s well. There may be faster monitors on the market now, but 8ms is still a respectable specification, and should be more than adequate for most users.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the performance of the A190A2-T08 19" TFT LCD Widescreen Monitor and really only have two rather small things to complain about. The first complaint is the quality of the built in stereo speakers. Now I know few, if any of us, use speakers built into a monitor, but they deserve mention as they are without a doubt the weakest part. The only reason I would use them would be if there was absolutely nothing else available to use.

My second complaint is with the lack of an adjustable support stand/base. The only adjustment offered is the pivoting of the screen up and down. There is no height adjustment, and in my case the LCD sat way too low and I soon had a neck ache from looking down at the monitor. A quick trip to the garage, a few minutes of a noisy saw, and a bit of spray paint, and I had a spacer to fit under the base to bring the monitor up to a more comfortable level. It would have been nice if they had built in a height adjustment to the base/stand.

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