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ECS GF9300T-A Black Series GeForce 9300 Motherboard
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: ECS
Source: ECS
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ECS GF9300T-A Black Series GeForce 9300 Motherboard
October 15, 2008

Integrated graphics solutions have been gaining strength over the past year, and while the current capabilities might exclude them from serious 3D game play, they have become quite well suited for desktop and HTPC applications. The last few waves of motherboards released with integrated graphics have added features like DirectX 10 capabilities, enhanced HD video playback, video (and audio) output via HDMI, and the ability to select more system memory to dedicate to the video frame buffer.

ECS has a new motherboard that makes use of a new NVIDIA chipset which might have the best integrated graphics available to date. The GF9300T-A Black Series GeForce 9300 motherboard is based on NVIDIA's new GeForce 9300 all-in-one chipset, and is shown in the promotional image below.

The ECS website has not yet fully populated the product page for the GF9300T-A Black Series GeForce 9300 motherboard, and at the time this review was written, a photo and the following blurb was all that was available...

The GF9300T-A Black series Motherboard based on the GeForce 9300 all-in-one chipset from NVIDIA is packed with features; including Realtek HD audio to onboard graphics and supports the latest Intel Quad-core and Core2 processors, a front side bus of up to 1333MHz, and four 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots carrying up to 32GB of DDR2-800 dual channel memory. The NVIDIA GeForce9 Series Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (IGP) includes Hybrid SLI technology support and DirectX 10 capabilities, as well as NVIDIA PureVideo® HD Technology for Blu-ray playback enhancements. The powerful onboard graphics bring quality graphics for a fraction of the price of dedicated GPU solutions. The GF9300T-A Black Series from ECS is the ideal feature rich platform for the best value in gaming enthusiast rigs.

Taking some information from the Internet and from the box, I have created this brief list of features and specifications...

Features and Specifications:

» Supports Intel Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Duo Socket 775 processors
» Supports 45nm processors
» Supports 1333MHz frontside bus
» NVIDIA GeForce 9300 chipset
» DirectX 10 capable graphics
» HD Video with Blu-ray video playback support
» PCI Express generation 2
» GeForce Boost technology
» NVIDIA Hybrid SLI capable
» Dual DDR2 800MHz support (four 240-pin slots)
» HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)
» ECS exclusive M.I.B. (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS) utility
» Gigabit LAN
» Serial ATA with RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and 5 support (6 SATA headers, 1 eSATA port)
» RoHS compliant

For complete details on this motherboard's features and specifications, please keep an eye on the product page linked above. One day it might be finished!

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