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Cooler Master Cosmos S Full Tower Case
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Cooler Master Cosmos S Full Tower Case
February 25, 2008

Internal Examination (continued):

As I mentioned previously, the top panel of the case can be removed. It almost looks like a part of a high end car's grill, and many people would probably never guess that it is for a computer case. When the top panel is removed you have access to the top of the chassis. You can mount three 120mm fans for optimal cooling, and if they have LEDs on them, it will shine through the top panel's mesh and create a cool effect when you are looking at the case. Unfortunately the included 120mm fan is just a plain black unit.

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The side panel with the mesh and 200mm fan is pretty cool. Unlike any of the side panels with built in 200mm + fans I have reviewed, this is the only one that disguises the fan from the outside, but looking from the inside of the panel you can see the 200mm fan. This fan will suck in a lot of air causing more dust to get caught in the mesh filter. Good news is that the fan can be removed for cleaning the dust from the mesh every so often.

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The last item in the interior inspection is the front panel. I do like that this model of the Cosmos line does not have a full door. Although a door may help keep the look and feel of the front consistent, they can get in the way.

The Cooler Master Cosmos S full tower case has two vertical doors on the outer portion of the device bays. The review sample uses a latch on each side to hold the doors shut, but Cooler Master has found an issue with the front door latches and will be changing to magnets for easier and proper usage.

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