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Cooler Master Cosmos S Full Tower Case
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Cooler Master Cosmos S Full Tower Case
February 25, 2008

External Examination:

The Cosmos S full tower case is like the Cooler Master Stacker case with the front bay design. There are 5.25" device bays from top to bottom. On the left side of the case you can see the cool Cosmos S logo in front of a mesh designed side panel. You might not be able to tell, but behind the mesh is a 200mm fan to cool all expansion cards.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

This side panel design is one-of-a-kind, and I hope it will inspire Cooler Master with other ideas when making a side panel for future cases.

Normally the back of the case is pretty generic. But looking at the back of the Cooler Master Cosmos S full tower case reveals that many new design ideas are implemented here. The first thing I noticed is the power supply location has moved from the top to the bottom. There are holes for mounting the power supply in the orientation that best fits the unit to be installed... Many of the newer power supplies have a cooling fan that could be positioned facing up or down (you can have it face down to intake air from the vent on the bottom of the case). There are seven expansion slots, some ventilation holes, and a 120mm fan, almost standard with most cases. I am surprised to see a blank I/O motherboard panel; normally they include a generic I/O plate that I toss anyway. The final unique features to discuss are two holes for water cooling tubes, and two spring loaded latches that release the side panels.

Click Image For Larger View

The top of the case (below left image) is normally something I do not cover in my reviews. Usually they are just plain looking and not many features are designed for this area. But they have covered every angle of the design process with the Cooler Master Cosmos S full tower case. The top is very interesting with lots of mesh and accents that make the case look like a sports car. There are also two very sturdy horizontal bars on both sides. I am not sure what they are for; maybe for moving the case around or some bicep curls.

Click Image For Larger View Click Image For Larger View

The far side of the case (above right image) isn't much to write home about. It pops off the same as the opposite side but does not have mesh or a 200mm fan, just the Cooler Master logo in the upper left hand corner.

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