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Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub
Author: kjrox999
Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Source: Ultra Products
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub
September 21, 2007


Testing the Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub simpy consisted of connecting two laptop computers to a variety of peripherals in order to see how the hub performed. Two USB thumb drives, a Mapower USB 2.0 + eSATA 3.5" External Enclosure, and a HP 5100 DeskJet Printer were all connected to the hub, and testing seemed to go well at first.

I was able to switch the two USB thumb drives with ease, and Windows XP would detect the devices each time. Moving on to testing the Mapower external hard drive enclosure wasn't so simple, as it just wouldn't stay powered on. The active laptop computer would pick up the drive, but none of the LEDs would stay lit and it would power off. Another USB drive enclosure which drew power only through the USB post was also checked out, and it stayed on. Perhaps this is just an issue with the Mapower drive enclosure, but it was worth noting.

File transfer between computers was a snap. It was as easy as a copying a file from a PC to a USB thumb drive, pressing the appropriate button on the hub, and copying the file to the other PC. Sharing the printer was also a simple matter of just clicking a button.


The Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub exceeded my expectations, and it works much better than other USB switching hubs I have used. There are no drivers to deal with, and the entire installation is quick and easy. In general, the switching function worked very well, and in the one case where I experienced difficulty I am not sure it wasn't the fault of the device connected. The sleek appearance and multi-colored LED lighting are also a plus, as it shows that device that increases efficiency doesn't have to be boring.

A search of PriceGrabber finds the 7 Port USB Buddy Hub listed at two stores for $29.99 (US). This is a fair price to pay for any decent port hub, but a very small price to pay for one that makes it so easy to share devices between two computers.

Given the easy installation and operation, as well as the attractive pricing, the Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub earns the award of "Recommended".


Easy installation and operation
Great price
Sleek and stylish design


May not work with certain hardware

Special thanks to Ultra Products for providing the Ultra Products 7 Port USB Buddy Hub to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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