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Thermaltake Armor+ MX VH8000BWS Mid Tower ATX Case
Author: Warlok
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Source: Thermaltake
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Thermaltake Armor+ MX VH8000BWS Mid Tower ATX Case
August 20, 2008


All the necessary hardware is included with the case, as well as some assorted zip ties. I laid it down on one side and removed the windowed side panel. The thumbscrews stay in place after loosening them, so they are right there attached to the panel when you go to put it back on. There are also two locking latches on the front; just pull to release and the panel goes on or off like a charm.

We can take a glance around the inside now and see the modular HDD cage, tool-less expansion slots, and tool-less drive bays.

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At the center of where the motherboard rests is a small but helpful little feature; a double sided motherboard spacer. It really helps position your board into place and prevents most unwanted movement when securing it down. It has its own special threaded nut, but dont worry you dont have to tighten it with your fingers. If you look at the below left image you can see that its slotted for both a standard and a head screwdriver.

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After the motherboard, I literally popped in the video card. I used a GF6800 XTreme 256MB DDR3. Its not the biggest card, but its not small either. The test was to see if I would feel comfortable with it in place, but not secured with a screw. Ladies and gentlemen, it did not need one, as the tool-less design holds very well. Just push the black tab forward to take it off, then push the slot guard down to remove it (there is spring action, so it comes off and goes back on with no hassle). Insert your device into the slot on the motherboard, then snap the black plastic tab back on. Presto, you have just installed and secured your video card. If you feel more comfortable screwing it anyway, you can still do so but the plastic clip holds very well.

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