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Antec Fusion Media Center Case
Author: Michael Fiss
Manufacturer: Antec
Source: Antec
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Antec Fusion Media Center Case
July 05, 2007

Testing (continued):

To test the effectiveness of the dual 120mm TriCool fans I put a load condition on the system and took a thermal reading of the CPU with the SuperStep application. These readings were recorded with the fans on high, medium, and low speed settings, and with and without a CPU fan installed. Keep in mind that this test was done with the Antec Fusion Media Center Case sitting on a desk not inside a home theater rack, which might allow less air flow throughout the case.

The idle thermal temperatures are constant across the graph, and there was a small differences between the load temperatures with each increment in fan speed. When the fan speed is set to high it can be a little on the noisy side, but as the graph displays, the low or medium settings still keep the CPU at a safe temperature.

Below is a video sample of the VFD located on the front panel. There aren't many customizable features, as seen on other brands of vacuum fluorescent displays, but I see some of those extras as unnecessary options anyway.

The VFD's software is really basic; it can toggle through information like date & time, local weather & news, OS & login, CPU & RAM, and will show an equalizer when media is played in Windows MCE, Windows Media Player, or Winamp.

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