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Aeneon XTUNE 1GB DDR2-1066 Dual Channel Memory Kit
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Aeneon
Source: Aeneon
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Aeneon XTUNE 1GB DDR2-1066 Dual Channel Memory Kit
March 24, 2008

Testing (continued):

The final tests to consider are FutureMark's PCMark05 and 3DMark06. These are rather popular tests that help provide a universal analysis of system performance. The bulk of the PCMark05 suite was skipped as only the Memory Score was of interest. For 3DMark06, the system was configured to run at 1440x900, no anti-aliasing, and optimal filtering.


Here we see that going from 800MHz to 1066MHz (or higher) provides a decent boost which could translate into a better overall computing experience.

Overall, testing showed that this kit could put up some solid numbers. But in real world usage I have to say I could tell the difference going from a 2GB kit down to this 1GB, regardless of speed. Windows XP was noticeably slower with more disk activity, and Windows Vista really suffered. A 1GB kit like this may be best for those who already have a 1GB kit and simply want to populate the other DIMM slots on their board to get to 2GB total.


While a 1GB dual channel DDR2 kit might be a tough sell considering the demands of operating systems like Windows Vista and the extremely low prices on 2GB and 4GB kits, the Aeneon XTUNE 1GB DDR2-1066 Dual Channel Memory Kit did perform well. The speeds and timings are competitive with many kits from other brands, and the performance was quite respectable. The only performance issue encountered during testing is that the voltage had to be adjusted higher than the specified 1.8V in order to make the system completely stable.

A search of PriceGrabber shows more results for Aeneon than I saw a few months ago, but nothing on the kit reviewed. Visiting the Aeneon shop on their website reveals a price of 34.90 Euros, which is over $50 (US). Not really competitive, but upgrading to a 2GB kit makes things a bit more interesting.

While I might not recommend that anyone buy a 1GB memory kit at this point, assuming that the performance of this 1GB kit could be replicated on the 2GB kit they offer, I would definitely recommend that. We probably won't be checking out the 2GB 1066MHz from Aeneon, but the 1142MHz kit is a different story. Check back soon to see what we think of this higher capacity, higher speed kit.



Solid performance at rated speed and timings
Overclocked to 1111MHz
Limited lifetime warranty


Needed more voltage than specified to be completely stable
US price and availability (issue with the 1GB kit, so get a 2GB kit instead)

Special thanks to Aeneon for providing the Aeneon XTUNE 1GB DDR2-1066 Dual Channel Memory Kit to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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