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Thermaltake iXoft R15ON02 Notebook Cooling Pad
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Thermaltake
Source: Crazy PC
Purchase: Crazy PC
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Thermaltake iXoft R15ON02 Notebook Cooling Pad
May 28, 2007

There have been a handful of reviews of notebook coolers here at, and until now they have all been based on the same principal... A rigid platform (metal or plastic) placed under the notebook computer with fans directing air on to the bottom. This method obviously works well, but the cooling units may be bulkier and heavier than anyone would care to carry, and they all require power to move the fans.

The Thermaltake iXoft R15ON02 Notebook Cooling Pad takes a totally different approach to cooling, and with a quick first glance I was actually more concerned about it insulating the notebook computer and making it even warmer. As shown in the promotional image below, the iXoft is a quilted pad that looks something like an oversized pot holder. Cookies anyone?

The Thermaltake iXoft was provided for review by Crazy PC, where the passive means of cooling implemented by the iXoft is described as "heatshift technology". The balance of this unique cooler's features and specifications are provided below, as taken from the Crazy PC website...


Revolutionary fanless design for absolute silence 0dBA
Exclusive Heatshift Technology for ultimate laptop cooling.
Ultra light weight for easy transportation and carrying (only 640g).
Soft and durable material designed for maximum portability.
iXoft can be used as a thermal mat on laps for better comfort.
Application for all types of PC Notebooks (12"-17").
Does not require power so your PC Notebook will last longer.
Easy Installation


Model: R15ON02
Weight: 640g
Material: Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate Na2SO4.10H2O
Dimension: 300x230x13.8mm

The magic of heatshift technology is the work of the Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate found inside the iXoft cooler. The Wikipedia entry for Sodium Sulfate lists a wide variety of uses; from a laxative, to a filler in laundry detergents, to a means for heat storage. I presume the iXoft is taking advantage of the last application. The substance changes from a solid to a liquid state at a temperature easily reached on the base of a notebook computer, and a graphic on the Crazy PC sales page shows what the iXoft might look like in action absorbing/distributing the heat.


The packaging for the Thermaltake iXoft R15ON02 Notebook Cooling Pad is a clear plastic shell that you have to hack open to get at the product. Although I personally dislike these packages (since I seem to cut myself on them far too often), this one does provide a good look at the product, as well as significant information on its features, specifications, and intended use.

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