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ECS G33T-M2 (V1.0) Intel G33 mATX Motherboard
Author: Steven Kean
Manufacturer: ECS
Source: ECS
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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ECS G33T-M2 (V1.0) Intel G33 mATX Motherboard
August 21, 2007

One of Intel's latest motherboard chipsets, the G33, has been designed specifically for the digital home consumer. A few of its advanced features include support for a 1333MHz bus, the capabilities to use both DDR2 and DDR3, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100, high definition audio and video, and SATA RAID to name a few. While the chipset can provide all of these features, the individual motherboard manufacturers determine which are actually implemented.

ECS has released a new mATX motherboard based on the Intel G33 chipset, their model number G33T-M2 (V1.0). This motherboard offers a budget conscious solution for "ultra slim multimedia systems" that leaves a few of the G33 chipset's capabilities on the shelf for the higher priced boards to offer. It is not geared towards serious gamers and enthusiasts, but it also isn't a lightweight as it offers desirable features such as Gigabit networking, x16 PCI Express graphics, and support for the latest Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors.


The ECS G33T-M2 (V1.0) Intel G33 mATX Motherboard is packaged in a fairly typical box that would let a consumer know what they were dealing with if it were found on a retail shelf. The front of the box provides a brief overview of the major features and the supported CPU models, while the back of the box presents a view of the motherboard, pointing out the key features and specifications.

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While the packaging may detail a number of key features and specifications, before taking a look at the actual G33T-M2 (V1.0) Intel G33 mATX Motherboard provided for review, let's take a look at the rest of this information as found on the ECS website...


Windows Vista Ready The latest generation Microsoft O.S., delivers better personal productivity and digital entertainment on your PC through its improved reliability, security, and performance.
High-speed USB 2.0 Delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers
FSB1333 Supports the latest 1333MHz front side bus Intel Processor
PCI Express x16 Delivers up to a 4x increase in graphics and 2x I/O bandwidth for smooth multimedia performance
Gigabit LAN Gigabit LAN supporting a high transfer rate up to 1 Gb/s.
Dual Channel DDR2 800 Doubles the bandwidth of your system memory up to 12.8GB/s and pumps up the system performance.
Serial-ATA 2 Double bus bandwidth which provides blazingly high disk performance, ensuring your computing experience will be faster, more reliable, and completely with current and future hardware and software.
8 Channel High Definition Audio 8 Channel High Definition Audio
Core 2 Duo Dual-core is basically two separate processors on a single chip. Those two processors can outperform single-core processors on most multithreaded applications while running at lower clock speeds and consuming less power.
Core 2 Quad The new Core2 Quad processor combines two dual-core chips in a single package that plugs into a single chip socket. It enables even more multitasking with greater performance.

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