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Corsair 2048MB XMS PC3500LL PRO Dual Channel DDR
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Corsair
Source: Corsair
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Corsair 2048MB XMS PC3500LL PRO Dual Channel DDR
December 23, 2005


The following list of tests were run on the Corsair XMS PC3500LL Pro and XMS PC4000 Pro at 400 MHz DDR, 438 MHz DDR, and 460 MHz DDR. As mentioned on the previous page, both sets of DDR were run at 2.8V, with the PC3500LL set to 2-3-2-6 1T timings and the PC4000 set to 3-4-4-7 1T timings.

SiSoft Sandra 2005 Memory Benchmark
Everest Home Edition 2.01 Memory Benchmark
Futuremark PCMark05 System Benchmark
PiFast 43
Quake 4
Battlefield 2

The first test is SiSoft Sandra 2005's memory benchmark. This synthetic benchmark is pretty much a review staple, and quickly provides two values, Integer and Float, both in units of MB/s (higher is better). From the data below, you can see that the larger kit of lower latency DDR provides much better numbers in this test. At the maximum overclocked speeds, the PC3500LL kit passed the 6000 MB/s plateau with ease. Being the first results I saw for this DDR kit, a good first impression was definitely made.

The next benchmark was Everest Home Edition 2.01's memory benchmark. Much like SiSoft Sandra, this benchmark provides two results, both in units of MB/s (higher is better), but this time they are for the memory read and write speeds. Again we see that the larger, low latency kit provides a solid boost to the results.

The next test conducted was Futuremark's PCMark05. The results in this round are unitless "Marks" (higher is better), and the numbers presented below represent the overall system performance. The results are a bit closer this time around, but comparing the two sets of DDR at each speed level shows that there is a marginal improvement when running the 2048MB low latency kit.

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