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Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Stealth Switch
Source: Crazy PC
Purchase: Crazy PC
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Stealth Switch Desktop Cloaking Device
March 06, 2006

The Basics:

The Stealth Switch ships in a clear plastic package, as shown in the image below. It's one of those packages that makes opening it difficult, and makes closing it back up again impossible. Inside the package you find the Stealth Switch, a USB-PS/2, an installation CD-ROM, and a quick installation guide.

The image below shows the Stealth Switch, which includes a cable that at six feet long should be long enough to reach from your PC to your feet. The cable features a USB and PS/2 connector, making it usable on just about any system.

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The below left image shows the top of the Stealth Switch, which has the appearance of a contoured dome of sorts. Although it may look like the 'knob' in the center is the button that actually serves as the stealth switch, the whole top surface moves as one when you depress it.

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The above right image shows the base of the Stealth Switch, where we see that three rubber discs should eliminate any concerns about the device slipping away from your foot when you need it most.

The image below shows the two connectors found at the other end of the cable. I was initially confused as to why there was a USB and PS/2 connector in addition to a USB-PS/2 adaptor, until I read the manual. The described installation method for PS/2 use suggests that you plug your keyboard into the purple PS/2 port found on the Stealth Switch cable, then plug the USB connector into the USB-PS/2 adaptor, and then plug that into your computer's PS/2 port. Seems complicated, and I'll just stick to using USB for this review!

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