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Scythe Mine CPU Cooler
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Scythe
Source: Scythe USA
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Scythe Mine CPU Cooler
June 20, 2006


The Scythe Mine CPU cooler is sold in a colorful, detailed package, as shown below. The front panel has a window for a sneak peek at the actual cooler, while the balance of the other panels include the features and specifications in a variety of languages.

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The Basics:

With the Mine out of the packaging you can see that it uses a fairly popular new design where the fins of the cooler actually surround the fan, sometimes referred to as "midship mounting". Three copper heat pipes rise up on either side of the fan through the tight array of parallel aluminum fins.

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The fan may look fairly plain, but it is anything but standard. Although it does have a black plastic frame and blades, the size is what is unique. At 100mm x 100mm x 25mm, it isn't a readily available size. If you ever need to replace the fan, or decide to add a bit of "bling" to your system, you may be hard pressed to find an exact replacement since the common sizes in this range are 92mm or 120mm.

Another fairly unique feature is how the fan is mounted. None of the typical four holes through the fan are used, and instead the edge of the frame is clamped into the base of the heatsink. This might help with noise reduction, as the aluminum fins around the fan don't actually touch it. The secure grip at the base should reduce vibration, and if you happen to want to change the fan you might be able to do so with a 92mm or 120mm fan, as long as it is 25mm thick.

Click Image For Larger View

As you can see in the above image, the fins have a wave pattern cut into them, which is what I assume Scythe refers to as "A.W.S.F - Advanced Wave Stack Fin" in their specifications.

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