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Cooler Master NotePal P1 Notebook Cooler
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Source: Cooler Master
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Cooler Master NotePal P1 Notebook Cooler
October 11, 2006

The Basics:

The NotePal P1 is shown in the images below. The top surface is aluminum, while the underside is plastic. There are two 70mm fans that blow cool air up on to the bottom of your notebook computer, and this air drawn in from vents located on the back side of the cooler. The two fans are powered via USB; no external power adapter is included or required, but a silver braided USB cable is provided.

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The official features have a bullet point stating "Provide 2 USB ports", which to me indicates that you have two ports for use, like a small hub. In reality you gain no USB ports, as the USB power cable takes up one port on the NotePal P1, and you are left with one port that makes up for the one port lost on your notebook.

The image below shows a close up of the Cooler Master logo printed on the aluminum top, but more importantly it shows an interesting feature around each fan grill. The grills are attractive with a hexgonal perforation, but the clear lip around each is actually a soft, rubbery material. It seems to be like an o-ring, and my initial impression was that it would function like an o-ring and create a seal between the cooler and your notebook. This is obviously undesirable, as you want the air to flow freely, and the design should allow for the notebook to be elevated just above the fans, not sealed to them.

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The next image takes a look at the base of the cooler, where you can see a fairly restrictive, slotted opening for one of the fans. The air doesn't only come from this location, but more so from the rear of the housing so the fairly closed design isn't a major concern. To the right of the fan is a small compartment, which opens up to provide just enough storage space for the USB cable. This is a nice touch to make storage or transportation of the Cooler Master NotePal P1 more convenient.

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