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Ultra Products MicroFly Micro ATX Case
Author: Brian Anderson
Manufacturer: Ultra Products
Source: Ultra Products
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Ultra Products MicroFly Micro ATX Case
August 03, 2006


When I first saw the Ultra Products Microfly Micro ATX case I thought, "This is Micro?" While there is no doubt that it is smaller than your normal desktop or tower case, it is much larger than many SFF systems. This leads me to put it in the "mid-sized" case category (much like the Dodge Dakota truck is a mid size truck).

It has both distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a small SFF style case, then you should keep looking. You should also keep looking if you are looking for a full size case that can move lots of air (or room for water cooling) and be able to have several hard drives, dual video cards, and just lots of stuff. However, if you are looking for something that would fit an average computer build, and have the ability to move it around (or have limited space but still want some decent cooling) then the Ultra Products MicroFly case is worth your time to look into.

I would like to see Ultra Products make a few improvements on this case. Namely I'd like to see the PSU come with braided cables, possibly with cable ties, and some temperature controlled fans that will run slow and quiet when cool, and run faster yet still fairly quiet when hot. In lieu of temperature controlled fans, a fan control on the front would also work. Lastly, it would be nice to include an option to have a card reader.

A search of PriceGrabber shows that you can pick up the Ultra Products MicroFly with the power supply for just over $80 (US). If you don't want the power supply, cut about $20 off the total. With or without a power supply, the MicroFly won't break the bank while setting you up with a nice, new case.


120mm & 80mm fan included
Plenty of room inside allowing for good air circulation
Well sized cables
Well designed, easy access sides and internals
Cool digital temperature gauge
Larger than most SFF cases
Smaller than a desktop/tower case
Removable motherboard tray


Front Headphone/Mic jacks mixed up and cables difficult to work with
Larger than most SFF cases
Smaller than a desktop/tower case
Runs hotter than most tower cases
Need a long screw driver to reach some screws
Carrying handle doesn't instill trust
PSU cables not braided, and no cable ties

Special thanks to Ultra Products for providing the Ultra Products MicroFly Micro ATX Case to for review!

Please drop by the Forum and feel free to post any comments or questions.

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