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Everglide g-1000 Professional Gaming Mouse and Mouse Glidez
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Everglide
Source: Everglide
Purchase: Everglide
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Everglide g-1000 Professional Gaming Mouse and Mouse Glidez
July 17, 2006

Mouse Glidez:

According to their website, the Everglide Mouse Glidez "are replacement mouse feet designed to replace existing mouse feet to provide cutting edge mousing performance, with ultra-slick smooth response with compromising on the tracking record."

A few manufacturers offer this type of product, and many times the design is rather universal so you can work with their product to make it fit your particular mouse as you might like it. Not so with the Mouse Glidez, as Everglide sells individual packs designed specifically for some of the more popular mice on the market. The list below details the compatibility:

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 1.1/1.1 SE/3.0
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 and Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue
Logitech MX 300
Logitech MX 500/510/518/700/900
Logitech MX 1000
Logitech G-series
Razer Diamondback and Razer Copperhead

Although a custom fit is nice, it does mean you you have to look for your exact mouse when shopping, and accept the Everglide interpretation of what the right fit is for you.

Despite sending their g-1000 mouse over for review, Everglide sent a sample of Mouse Glidez for the Logitech G-series of mice, which I do not own. In the image below you can see that the kit includes an alcohol pad to prep the surface, and a sheet of custom cut Glidez.

Click Image For Larger View

You receive exactly enough for just one installation, where as other brands of mice feet might give you more. The plus side is that the material is nice and thick, where many of these brands that might give you a few extra pieces are generally paper thin and may wear out much more quickly.

The Glidez are just what you would expect, nice and smooth, and the extra material tells me they will stay that way for longer than others on the market.

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