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Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones
Author: JimBowy
Manufacturer: Everglide
Source: Everglide
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Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones
July 10, 2006

As most of you are aware, sound is a subjective thing to quantify. This could explain why different people enjoy different types of music, and it makes reviewing things like headphones and speakers difficult. Today we will review the Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones. These headphones promise to help you improve your game "by accentuating key gaming sound frequencies." Surprisingly it appears these headphones appear to function as advertised. Now, on with the review!

Company Profile: (taken from the Everglide website):

"Everglide, based in San Diego California, is one of the world's leading designer and manufacturer of enhanced gaming peripherals since its inception in 1997. Optimizing game play for a wide range of games such as Counterstrike, Quake and Painkiller, Everglide is also regarded as one of the leading brands in home and office peripherals.

First launched in 1997, Everglide revolutionized the mouse pad industry with its acute surfaces and emphasis on durability. This created a paradigm shift in how mouse pads were viewed, particularly within the gaming community. Through the years, Everglide mouse pads have garnered various awards and accolades and has been highly accredited by gaming magazines and websites."

Product Features & Specifications:

We begin by considering the specifications for the Everglide s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones posted at the Everglide website. The first thing that should strike you when looking at the specifications is the frequency response, these headphones cover the entire range (20-20,000Hz) of human hearing. These numbers indicate the headphones should be capable of achieving noticeable lows (bass) while still reaching musical highs. The other notable feature to consider is the 10ft cable length. The lengthy cable is surprisingly convenient, allowing you to get around a small room without removing your headphones.

Specifications (taken from the Everglide website):

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
Transducer: Dynamic
Normal Impendence: 16 Ohm
Max Sound Pressure (SPL): 102dB
Max Power Rating: 100mW
Weight (w/o cable): 360g
Cable Length: 3.1m (~10.2 ft)
Available Color: Carbon Black, White

The Basics:

The s-500 headphones ship in the descriptive, retail style packaging shown below.

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