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Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Enermax
Source: Cooler Giant
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply
November 04, 2005

Internal Features:

No power supply review would be complete without at least taking a look inside the housing. The cover for the Liberty comes off by removing the typical 4 screws, and you are then presented with what we see below.

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The internals weren't quite as I expected them to be, and I guess I was a bit disappointed. The components don't see to be arranged in the most orderly fashion, there seems to be a random smattering of goo on some components, and the heatsinks are smaller than I expected. Bigger isn't always better, but I expected to see a nice beefy heatsink that would draw the heat away from the components and to the air flowing through via the 120mm fan. The high efficiency design (@ 80% efficient) means the heatsink probably doesn't have to be too large, but we'll see how that pans out in testing.

The below left image shows off the near silent 120mm fan, and the below right image shows the back side of the modular connector panel.

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Installing a power supply was never a difficult task, but the advent of modular units has made it extremely simple. The Enermax Liberty power supply is no different, and installation can be completed in a short amount of time by even the greenest of computer users.

The images below show off the 500W Liberty installed in the test system, whose specifications are detailed on the next page. This power supply has a classic, fairly simple appearance that won't attract any extra attention at LAN parties... But it still looks sharp to me.

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You can see a few drives installed in the above right image, and this raises an issue with the Eternity Connectors. Cable management becomes a bit difficult, as you have that extra length of cable and one spare connector where ever you need power. The function of the Eternity Connectors is great, but they may raise an issue for those with windowed cases.

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