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Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply
Author: Jason Kohrs
Manufacturer: Enermax
Source: Cooler Giant
Purchase: PriceGrabber
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Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply
November 04, 2005


The 500W Liberty power supply is sold in the informative and attractive retail packaging shown below. The various sides of the box provide different bits of data, as well as a good look at many of the PSU's physical features.

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In addition to being well represented in its packaging, the power supply was also well protected. The unit was wrapped in a sheet of foam, a clear plastic bag, and finally an outer covering of bubble wrap to provide a triple layer defense.

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Physical Features:

The outside of the 500W Enermax Liberty PSU features a metallic paint job which I have mixed feelings about. The idea is good, and the unit looks fine from a distance, but upon closer inspection it looks like the paint might have been put on too thick. This has no bearing on performance, and you can be the judge of the finish for yourself, if you care to

The below left image shows off the rear of the PSU, where the wide open honeycomb pattern allows for fairly unrestricted airflow. This will help the 120mm fan keep air moving, and all the internal components will stay as cool as possible.

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The above right image shows off the typical sticker panel found on any power supply, which details the basic specifications, approvals, and so on.

The below right image shows off the modular connection panel. The plugs are well laid out and spaced far enough apart to make connecting easy. Although not visible in the picture, the connectors are labeled, so you know where to plug in your drives and your PCIe graphics cards. The connectors are very similar, so it is conceivable that someone might try to mash one into the other, so perhaps totally different shapes would have been appropriate.

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The above right image details the bottom of the power supply, where we get a good look at the 120mm cooling fan. Enermax seems to have a penchant for golden fan guards, as most (if not all) of their units seem to sport them. The guard goes well with the metallic paint and the golden heatsinks you can see through the fan.

Below are the balance of the items provided by Enermax. You have the usual items, such as the manual, AC power cable, 4 mounting screws, and a case badge. You also receive a lanyard, in case you want to carry the power supply with you around your neck (or maybe just your keys or something)!

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